Roof Coatings

Roof coatings come in wide varieties and applications. If you are a building owner, it is tough to wade through all of the information without a degree in chemistry in order to make the best decision for your commercial structure. Benatar Roofing is equipped to give you all of the options you need to make an informed decision.

While some applications of roof coatings require a tint to be added for aesthetic reasons, most commercial buildings will utilize a white coating for the added energy savings. Benatar Roofing evaluates each of their manufacturing partners in the area of product quality, business strength and customer service. We have done the research necessary to be confident in the quality of the products we apply. That being said, coating your roof can be a challenging undertaking, and we are here to make it easier for you.


Roof Sealing

We specialize in restoring, repairing, maintaining and replacing flat and low-slope roofs for commercial and industrial buildings, apartment or multi-family housing projects, hospitals, government buildings, churches and religious centers, schools, retail centers.


We secure failed roof systems from causing further damage with our patented leak-free solution.

Our WrapRoof product is heatshrinked to float slightly above the roof surface, prevents mold, is vented, easily inspected, easily removed, and ensures that the roof is fully functioning and leak-free.

We work quickly to secure your roof today and prevent your property from further damage with our 1 year leak free warranty.


Our Process

The BenAtar Difference!

SB-200 is a single-component, liquid applied waterproofing membrane sealant combining high quality bitumen with various polymers that forms a high-performance elastomeric waterproof membrane. Containing no solvents, SB-200 Waterproof Sealant is non-flammable and the coating will not damage polyurethane or polystyrene insulation materials. A variety of different reinforcing fabrics can be embedded into the membrane to produce a high strength, superior waterproofing layer.

Compared to other waterproofing products and general sealants, SB 200 HD offers a complete envelope seal solution which is cost effective, environmentally friendly, UV resistant and easy to install. This product also offers a superior seal due to its seamless installation and it’s ductile nature which makes it more crack resistant. Many of our competitors are using brittle materials which are more prone to cracking after prolonged exposure to typical weather elements.

Based on our experience, SB200 is also more resistant to leaks at ponding locations. While we always recommend making pitch corrections when possible, we have observed no leaks from SB 200 at ponding locations.


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