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Benatar Roofing Group was established in 2015 with an aspiration to set a new standard for client relationships based on an enduring commitment to excellence in service and quality. 


Installing Roofing on Commercial Properties

Benatar Roofing Group is successfully installing roofing on commercial properties throughout the state of Florida. We are recognized throughout the industry as the leader in value, customer satisfaction, and industry dedication.

Installing Roofing on Commercial Properties



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SB-200 is a single-component, liquid applied waterproofing membrane sealant combining high quality bitumen with various polymers that forms a high-performance elastomeric waterproof membrane. Containing no solvents, SB-200 Waterproof Sealant is non-flammable and the coating will not damage polyurethane or polystyrene insulation materials. A variety of different reinforcing fabrics can be embedded into the membrane to produce a high strength, superior waterproofing layer.

Compared to other waterproofing products and general sealants, SB 200 HD offers a complete envelope seal solution which is cost effective, environmentally friendly, UV resistant and easy to install. This product also offers a superior seal due to its seamless installation and it’s ductile nature which makes it more crack resistant. Many of our competitors are using brittle materials which are more prone to cracking after prolonged exposure to typical weather elements.

Based on our experience, SB200 is also more resistant to leaks at ponding locations. While we always recommend making pitch corrections when possible, we have observed no leaks from SB 200 at ponding locations.

Benatar Roofing Group is the Best of Roofing Companies in Davie Fl

Looking for commercial roofing in Davie? Look no further than Benatar Roofing Group. This is one of the best roofing companies in Davie, Florida. Our roofing company specializes in new roofing, reroofing, and temporary roof fixes for commercial buildings throughout the city of Davie. We supply roof repair and maintenance services in Davie for commercial buildings whose roofs have begun to come undone and unable to withstand Florida’s weather. Roof installation in Davie is a commodity for both old buildings and new ones. Prospective clients contact our company for services and we give an estimate of how much the project might be. We collaborate with the customer to set a scheduled date and time to start the project. Once it is done we maintain communication to check in on how the roof is holding up. Roof patching in Davie, Florida has become a necessity because of the patterns of weather seen annually. To top it all off, a simple fix to most roofing issues is the application of roof coating. This type of coating prolongs roof longevity and improves the appearance of your roof. It also reduces the amount of heat penetrating through the roof which in turn saves you money.

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